IETech.Ca is building an open platform for the exchange of low value intellectual property. Specifically, the company believes that distributed applications hold great potential for reducing some of the barriers that make ownership and management of intellectual property difficult. We are working to build a simple set of tools that can be used by businesses to exchange information with other businesses and with consumers.

Our goal is to have this product built and available in early 2019 as an open source and freely available package. We are hoping that we, and other interested technology partners, can use this freely available and open source technology as a basis to to build a set of services for helping businesses manage information through smart contract frameworks and contract registration services.

Our  platform will enable participants to retain all of their personal data, and nothing more. In addition, the platform will view consensus as an agreement between the parties involved; enabling our system  to deem agreed transactions as final so that business can move forward and plans can be made!

Stay tuned as we finalize our product offering and finalize the release of our technical white paper!