Corda is a tool designed to process and store legal agreements. Under the hood, a business-to-business messaging protocol allows known and authenticated individuals to form and validate legal agreements between each other. These agreements are registered using a notary service and can utilize an oracle service for the provision of Continue Reading


On October 26th 2018, Microsoft acquired GitHub for 7.5 Billion dollars. GitHub is a company that provides collaboration services to 31 Million software developers. Using the Git version-control system, and open source and freely available software for managing changes to computer code, GitHub was able to build a set of Continue Reading


It is hard to imagine a software tool more tied to Big Data than TensorFlow. Originating from within the Google’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) organization, TensorFlow is a tool for processing large amounts of historical (training) data in order to make inferences regarding new data. TensorFlow helps search engines integrate new Continue Reading