Shawn is a digital native who is a self taught technologist. Shawn wrote his first program at the age of 8 and saved it on audio cassette using the TI-99 4a computer. More recently, he has worked for 6-years as a software developer using PHP and JavaScript languages as well as SQL and XML data structures. A hacker at heart, Shawn continued to build his productivity tools as he moved into the areas of business analysis and program management. Most recently Shawn has worked as a Director of Business Development for a boutique IT Infrastructure company. Shawn has recently upgraded his education by taking his MBA.

Iwona is a classically trained computer scientist and mathematician. She has worked in the fields of computer vision, full text analytics, and business intelligence. Her passion for using data to tell a story and understand the world informs here strategies around data collection and analysis. Leveraging data is Iwona’s domain. She designs creative solutions by collaboration and continuous exploration of emerging technologies and techniques.

Iwona knows what is important and how to make things happen. She is a strategic planner and manages for outcomes and not just for outputs. With a keen eye for business value she knows how to advance client satisfaction.

Iwona is currently enrolled in the Masters of Data Science program at Ryerson University.